What are the control methods for electric curtains?

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       Electric curtains break through the control method of traditional curtains, making electric curtains a huge improvement in terms of style, application place, and style. Now electric curtains have become a must-have product for indoor window shades in modern high-end buildings, and become one of the images of modern, high-end fashion. So what are the control methods for electric curtains?

      At present, the two most basic control methods for electric curtains on the market are wireless remote control and panel control. The effective distance of remote control in open areas can reach 50 meters, and the control distance is 20 meters in the case of concrete wall obstacles, which can realize single control at the same time. And group control, the remote control has a variety of styles, with a maximum of 16 frequencies, which can control the opening of each set of electric curtains individually or 16 sets at the same time; the panel control is convenient for people to operate after the control panel is fixed.

      Wind and rain control: It is mainly used in outdoor sunshade systems. The electric curtain is connected with a professional sensor device, which can preset the wind speed level in advance. As long as the wind and rain reach or exceed the preset limit, the system detector will send a closing signal to the control system, which can play the role of protecting sunshade products and reducing external damage. It is mostly used for outdoor ceiling curtains and outdoor louver shading systems.

      Light control, temperature control: a control method applied indoors, which can automatically adjust the opening of the curtains according to the changes of indoor light and temperature, so as to ensure a comfortable indoor light and environment. Another control method is to apply it outdoors. The light control sensing device tracks the latitude change of natural light and adjusts the angle of the outdoor blinds in a timely manner to ensure comfortable light exposure indoors.

      Timing control: Electric curtains can be preset to automatically open and close the time, with completely non-manual control. When night falls, the curtains will automatically close, and when you get up in the morning, the curtains will automatically open, and the sun will shine into the house, opening your day to a better life.

      Intelligent control by computer or mobile phone: With the development of science and technology, intelligent electric curtains can be gradually applied with the development of smart homes, smart buildings, and green buildings. Intelligent control can be based on sunlight, building orientation, and the needs of the owner. The corresponding program is set in the aspect, and the sunshade system can run automatically according to the set program. The rise of smart terminals such as smartphones has made the control terminal of smart window decoration and sunshades develop into mobile terminals. After installing and applying the smart window decoration sunshade system, you can use smart terminals such as smartphones to remotely control the opening and closing of electric curtains. Time and sunlight radiation degree and angle adjust the opening and closing, lifting and rotating range of window decoration sunshade products, finely and efficiently adjust the sunshade effect, and achieve an efficient, energy-saving, and comfortable environmental experience.
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