Why can't I sleep well after buying the best blackout curtains?

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Many people may think that curtains need to be considered only after decoration. It is enough to consider whether they look good or not. After checking in, I found that the curtains with the best shading effect were still unable to sleep peacefully. In fact, it was because the curtain rods were neglected.

How to hang curtains

Roman Pole

The advantage of the Roman rod is that it is easy to disassemble and clean, and the various shapes can play a decorative role. Now the Roman rods on the market are all made of aluminum alloys, which are processed into different color patterns, and the shapes of the two ends of the Roman rods are also varied. You can choose according to the style of your home and your personal preferences, and there is a lot of space to choose from.

But I don't know if you have noticed, the Roman pole has an obvious disadvantage that it will leak light! Curtains block light, rods leak light, how should this wave of operations be scored?

For people who are afraid of light, taking a nap in such a bedroom is a very difficult thing, and they can only sleep with blindfolds or quilts. At night, the situation will not be very good. If your house is facing the street, the street lights outside will stay on until dawn; or if the residential property is particularly considerate, you may not be able to find your home in the middle of the night, and the street lights in the community will guide you through the night. Seems like sunlight. For people with light sensitivity, it really affects sleep!

The shading effect is so good that it feels too dark in the room, you can also turn on the bedside lamp or other point light source lighting, in short, there must be a way to brighten the room, but the light leakage is really helpless. Therefore, although the Roman pole has a variety of shapes and looks good, it will leak light, which is not the best choice for people who are afraid of the light.

Curtain ail

Because it is a track, it will be more smooth and labor-saving to use, and the mute effect is better than that of the Roman pole.

Lazy people and those who pursue a quality of life know that electric curtains use tracks. If you plan to install electric curtains in your home, it is best to reserve sockets near the curtains during decoration, so that the lines are beautiful and convenient to use, which can be said to be done once and for all.

However, if your water and electricity lines are inconvenient to change, and you don’t want to leave open lines to affect the appearance, there are also lithium battery electric curtains on Taobao, and the advertisement says “charge for 4 hours for half a year”. It is actually not troublesome to charge the battery once every six months, but for lazy people, it is best not to do it.

Because the hooks are close together, although the light will be exposed from the gaps, the overall effect will be better than the Roman rod effect.

Therefore, if only Roman rods or rails are used, the shading effect cannot reach the level of a small black house. (We who are afraid of light are pursuing the little dark house)

Roma rods and rails where light leaks can be shielded with window curtains.

But as soon as the window curtain is used, the feeling of "simplicity" is lost, and it becomes rich and noble. "Gou Fugui" should not mean this kind of wealth ~ and the window curtain is very unsuitable for small apartments and small windows, it will only make the room and the window. appear smaller.

Curtain box

There are two forms of curtain boxes. One is that the room does not have a ceiling, and a baffle is made along the wall with plaster lines, and tracks and curtains are installed in the baffle.

The advantage of the curtain box is that it can block the Roman pole or track, making the interior look neater and more beautiful. Moreover, the grooves in the curtain box can also install light strips and downlights as point light sources, killing two birds with one stone.

The most important thing is that with the blessing of the curtain box, it can perfectly block the light that penetrates from the folds above the curtain when only the curtain rod or track is used, and with the curtain with a good shading effect, the overall shading effect is the best, especially suitable for people who can't sleep with light and families with projectors. In this way, you don't have to worry about using the projection during the day because the light transmission quality of the curtains becomes unclear.

The curtains in the hotel basically use the installation method of the curtain box. You can also pay more attention to hotel decoration details when you stay in the hotel in the future. In fact, there are many practical and advanced decoration methods that are worth copying home.

Because the curtain box is something to be considered when decorating, and light leakage is a life detail that is easily overlooked. I am a light-sensitive person myself, and I often feel uncomfortable or not easy to fall asleep because of too much light from my mobile phone, computer, and natural light. I hope this article can help other light-sensitive people and families who have the habit of using projection to have a fully functional, comfortable, and high-end home~