How to match curtains and curtain rods

Date: 2022-07-22 Categories: Industry News Hits: 375 From: Guangzhou Jiejia Decoration Materials Co., Ltd.

      The choice of curtain rod is mainly a choice of color and style. According to the main color of home decoration and curtain fabric, match curtain rods of different colors. In addition, the selected curtain rods should be matched with the overall style, so that the overall color beauty of the room is coordinated. For example, most people's homes are mainly in a simple style now, and they should choose curtain rods with popular colors and simple shapes (for example black, white, silver, mahogany, walnut, and wood). Examples of collocations by style:

Modern style:

Simple lines are the theme of modernism, the mainstream of today's decorative art, and the style that young people love. To create a modern window view, choosing metal curtain rods is the best way. Silver metal curtain rods are paired with fabrics in transitional colors with a delicate texture and elegant colors, showing a rational modern style.

Farmhouse style:

Choose a curtain rod with a strong wood texture and match it with a single color or simple line curtain fabric, which is a country-style matching method that is unchanged. Exotic Scottish plaid curtains are also loved by many people. Use this large lattice pattern to make curtains, and still need to match the curtain rod with wood material (at least the rod head should be wooden), and a good British pastoral style will be displayed in front of you.

Modern Neoclassical:

The pressure of life and work faced by modern people is too great, and they are eager to return to warm and comfortable home life. The elegant and pure modern neo-classical style has naturally become popular. The form and principle of symmetry and balance can make the vision of a tiring day a reasonable relaxation. Gold, beige and white, bronzed gold, plain colors plus thick jacquard and cotton fabrics are absolutely suitable for a calm home environment.

European and American style:

Noble black, warm red, sexy purple, gorgeous gold, classical architecture, and court patterns of European kingdoms in the 19th century. , elegant and romantic atmosphere. Passionate imagination can be used here: gentlemanly demeanor, ladylike innocence, flickering candlelight, rising wine, light singing and dancing, whispering entwined, fragrant and elegant, sexy and charming. Classic metallic tones, vintage woodgrain tones, and European styling are complemented by dazzling shades with thick florals and cotton fabrics. It embodies the elites and successful people in the society, and the pursuit of an elegant, romantic, luxurious, self-confident, and superior lifestyle.