In summer, if you choose curtains well, you can save more than half of the air-conditioning money!

Date: 2022-07-06 Categories: Industry News Hits: 615 From: Guangzhou Jiejia Decoration Materials Co., Ltd.

      You must be curious? Why is the heat in the house because the curtains are not selected properly, what is the relationship between the curtains and the indoor temperature? Don't we install curtains to block light and protect personal privacy? No, no, there is a relationship between the two, and the relationship is not small! Choosing the right curtains can save a lot of air-conditioning costs and make you cool without turning on the air-conditioning~

      Do you have any experience like this: sometimes you take a nap at home in the afternoon, close the doors and windows, draw the curtains, and set the air conditioner on a regular basis. When you wake up, it may have been an afternoon, and the air conditioner has been turned off several hours ago, but the room is still cool.

      This can reflect the good indoor insulation effect, and the temperature can be kept stable all the time. To put it another way, as long as the indoor thermal insulation is done well, it is not afraid of the sun outside, and the indoors is still cool.

When everyone thinks of indoor thermal insulation, the first reaction must be whether the wall tiles or doors and windows are airtight. In fact, curtains are the weakness of indoor thermal insulation. Don't underestimate the little fabric in this room, whether the electricity bill is expensive or not depends on it!

      But will anyone ask? Why is it still hot inside even though the curtains are always drawn? This is related to the choice of curtain material!

     Everyone generally does not pay much attention to the type of curtains. The choice of curtains only depends on whether they match the decoration of the home. Most of the curtains selected are single-layer cloth curtains.

The shading effect is good, and the heat insulation effect is not bad

When choosing curtains, you have to remember that choosing a good shading effect is the first choice principle. As long as the shading effect is strong enough, the thermal insulation effect will definitely be good.

      Although when buying curtains, you will find that most of the curtains are marked with blackout labels, not all of them are completely blackout, and the curtains with incomplete blackout are no different from ordinary curtains! These "semi blackout" "80% blackout" and "90% blackout" curtains are just a waste of your money.

So how can you not be deceived when choosing curtains? Here's a simple and rude way to teach you!

Directly turn on the flash of the mobile phone and stick it to the back of the curtain. If you see the light from the front but the curtain, it means that this curtain is worth buying.

      Don't buy a single layer if you can choose a double layer

      When we buy curtains, we will see single-layer curtains with silver blackout paint on the back. This will not only affect the drape of the curtain itself, but also such curtains are not durable, and the silver coating will crack after a long time.

If you are looking for cheap prices, then the boss will definitely recommend this single layer to you! But if you have more budget, I still recommend you to buy double curtains. The inner layer is responsible for shading, and the outer layer is responsible for aesthetics and the second line of defense.

      And there is another advantage of double-layer curtains, that is when the sun is not very strong, you can cover only one layer of curtains to give the room some light.

      Cotton and linen curtains are not as good as cotton curtains for shading

      There should be several cotton and linen products around everyone. If you look closely, you will find that the doomed fibers of this material will not be too tight. The reason why everyone likes cotton and linen is also because of its "breathing feeling".

      So if you want to use cotton and linen curtains to block light and heat insulation, it is impossible. It is recommended that if you really like the softness of cotton and linen materials, you can arrange another layer of blackout curtains.

      As for pure cotton curtains, the density of the material will be smaller than that of cotton and linen curtains, and the shading effect will be relatively better. However, since the texture of pure cotton has relatively no drape and softness, it is more suitable for making roller blinds.

Blinds are better than fabric curtains

      Although Venetian blinds are currently used in schools, and the frequency of companies is much higher than that of households, the material of Venetian blinds has more shading advantages than fabric curtains.

      Now there are more choices of Venetian blinds than before, let go of the old white and hard look in your mind, the choice of colors and materials of Venetian blinds can be comparable to fabric curtains!

      And it is more convenient than fabric curtains for daily cleaning, as long as it is simply wiped with a damp cloth, there is no need to remove it specially.