What types of curtains are there? How to choose curtains for different windows?

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Curtains are a soft decoration link in the later stage of home decoration. According to different people's living habits and apartment types, there are also various schemes for the type and selection of curtains. Next, I will analyze the function of curtains, the types of curtains, and the choice of curtains. You can refer to them and choose a more suitable type of curtains for your house.

 1. The function of curtains

①Lighting control

Curtains can be used to flexibly control the light entering the room. For example, in the dazzling sun during the day, you can pull up the curtains to avoid too much sun in the room, and you can open the curtains on cloudy days to make the room brighter.

② space privacy

Like some houses with a small distance between them, you can clearly see every move of the house on the opposite side, and activities at home feel very lacking in privacy, and such embarrassment can be alleviated by covering them with curtains.


③Soft decoration

Curtains are a relatively large area on the wall, and the fabric is also one of the elements of the soft decoration atmosphere. Therefore, curtains are also a part of the soft decoration in home decoration.


④Insulation assistance

Some heavier curtains have a certain sound insulation effect. If it is a noisy window facing the street, using such curtains is a good choice.

2. Curtain type and selection

① Curtains

Ordinary fabric curtains, which generally have a good shading effect when pulled up, can generally be used in the bedroom. Pulling the curtains when sleeping can make the space quieter and darker, which is conducive to improving the quality of sleep. If you don’t like being too bright at home, you can also choose to install curtains with high shading in the living room space.

②Gauze curtain

The gauze curtain has the effect of light transmission and opacity, which can make the space bright without being peeped. It is more suitable for families who want to maintain the privacy of their daily activities at home, such as the living room space.


③ Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds can also achieve the effect of being translucent and opaque. This type of curtain can be installed in a window with a relatively small area, and it will not have much impact on the layout and utilization of space after installation, such as a bathroom or study space.


④Rolling shutter

Roller-blind curtains have a similar effect to curtain fabrics but have a roll-type structure, which, like Venetian blinds, will not affect the space utilization next to the window.


3, window type and curtain collocation

①Normal window

In the ordinary type of window, the width of the window is large and the height is not large. This kind of window can be installed with ordinary curtains and gauze curtains. If there is no requirement for the shading effect, and the curtains are mainly used for space privacy, you can also choose Venetian blinds and roller blinds. more flexible.



② bay window

Bay window is a common design method in modern buildings. Because the structure of the bay window is unique, it is generally more suitable to use ordinary curtains (screen curtains), and it is best to install them against the wall on the inner side of the bay window.


③ Floor-to-ceiling windows

The area of floor-to-ceiling windows is generally relatively large. For ordinary family floor-to-ceiling windows, it is generally recommended to install ordinary curtains, with moderate cost and better decorative effect.


④Inward opening window

How do install curtains for inward windows? This is a rather pitiful problem. Venetian blinds, roller blinds, etc., can easily affect the operation of the curtains after opening the window. Generally, for inward opening windows, I personally recommend using ordinary curtains or gauze curtains.


Above, I have introduced the selection of curtain types in various situations. You can refer to it, and then you can choose a curtain type that suits your life needs according to the actual situation of your home.