How to choose curtains?

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The last step of decoration is soft decoration, and the price of curtains in soft decoration is often astonishing. "How many pieces of cloth do you sell, how many thousands of dollars?" "It looks good and it costs a lot of money!" "It cost me to buy one curtain. The money of the washing machine!" "Why is the ordinary style so expensive? It's even more expensive if you need a shade cloth!" But is the value of the curtains really so high? How to buy high-quality and cheap curtains to meet the individual needs of users?

A full shade curtain should match the curtain box.

Nowadays, many families choose to install projections and curtains, so the shading requirements of curtains are very high. Find all blackout curtains priced above most curtains.

Full sunshade curtains, the weight per square gram is at least 280 grams (square gram weight), and the shade can reach 99.99% of the curtains. This kind of curtains has a special horizontal and vertical weaving method, with high density and no beam penetration. Therefore, when shading, the heat preservation and heat preservation of this kind of curtain are also very good. "When you draw the curtains all day in the summer, it will be cool to go back to the bedroom." The salesperson said: "The products that can achieve full curtain curtains have two layers of fabric on the top and bottom, with a layer of black silk in the middle, which is more environmentally friendly. ." There's also a shade on the curtains, and if the paint is thick, the smell is a little bit bigger. Therefore, more customers choose knitted curtains.

"Whether the shading effect of the curtain is good, in addition to the material of the curtain, is also related to the way the curtain is hung." If it is a Roman column curtain, even if you buy a sunshade, the top is still transparent; so in order to have a good shading effect, it is best to use wood The product board is hung on the ceiling to make a groove, that is, a curtain box. It is best to reserve two layers of Roman rods or track thicknesses in the curtain box in advance, so that you can choose to install two layers of curtains to improve the shading performance. So what you need to pay attention to is that if you do not make a curtain box, you can make a circle of wall baffles with plaster lines along the wall, and Roman rods or rails can be installed in the baffles.

If the requirements of curtains and shades are not particularly high, ordinary curtains are enough to shade. The shade of ordinary curtains can be as high as 70 to 90 percent, which is common in living rooms, dens and bedrooms.

"If it is a small family-style curtain, it is best not to add decorations such as tassels and curtains on the curtain. Although this kind of curtain looks 'high-end', it does not have high practical value. This so-called "high-end" "The material cost and labor cost of curtains will be much higher than ordinary curtains, and they will also appear bulky. For a long time, this decoration has not been as durable as the classic minimalist style. The owner should choose carefully."

According to the situation, the folding ratio of curtain cloth is divided into 1:1.5 to 1:2.5, and there are several different gears. The price of folded multi-curtains is the highest, but too many folds will make the curtain box unable to fit, so try to avoid choosing thicker curtain fabrics when folding.

Choose ordinary curtains, not only depends on the cloth, style, more importantly, curtain rods and other accessories. For example, you need to pay attention to the binding, wall hanging, perforated rings, materials used on the curtain, accessories, etc., or the final settlement is often higher. There are many ordinary curtains that don't look too expensive, and the final accessories are more expensive than curtains.

As smart homes enter the market, electric curtains have become a favorite for many consumers who like to find new products. They are more suitable for large units, or duplex buildings, and houses with large windows. Small units do not need to install electric curtains. Finally, it should be noted that to install motorized blinds, you need to keep power on the roof.

For smaller bedrooms and dens, blinds with a higher face value are also available. Many homeowners find blinds difficult to clean. Generally, soft and cheap plastic blinds do have this problem, but hardwood and aluminum blinds are easy to clean. If a fresh air system is installed in the house, the ash falling on the shutters will be greatly reduced. On the contrary, even if it falls ashes, it is easy to wipe off with a damp towel. Now many owners choose non-perforated aluminum alloy shutters, which can be disassembled as a whole. On the ground, they can be cleaned with a water gun, which is very convenient.