Teach you to see the installation and precautions of three-step electric curtains!

Date: 2022-05-13 Categories: Industry News Hits: 665 From: Guangzhou Jiejia Decoration Materials Co., Ltd.

1. Installation preparation

First, let's look at the installation preparations:

Common tools for installing curtains include:

Impact drill, hand drill, screwdriver, tape measure, marker, spirit level, spare drill bit.

Product inspection

Open the package and check whether the product is damaged or cracked; check whether the accessories are complete and intact.

2. Specification of installation steps

Next, start the operation of the installation step specification:

1. Connect the track

First, insert the electric curtain track into the track connector, and tighten both ends, then use a screwdriver or electric drill to tighten the 4 fixing screws to make the connection firm. Since the factory in this video has been pre-installed

Belts and pulleys are no longer demonstrated here.

2. Positioning and punching

First measure the total length of the connected track, then determine the specific installation position with the user, and then prepare to measure the fixed position of the marking installation code. The installation code spacing is generally about 40cm.

3. Track installation

Since this rail installation code is a rotary fixing method, do not tighten the installation code first, reserve space for free rotation, then place the rail on the installation code, and tighten the installation code in turn to fix the rail.

4. Track test

Install the motor on the transmission box, turn the fixed button, plug in the power supply, and use the remote control to test whether the opening and closing, pause, and other functions of the trolley are normal.

5. Hang curtains

Finally, hang the curtains on the hanging wheel in the order of folds to complete the installation.

6. Check the acceptance criteria

After the curtain is installed, test whether the opening, closing and pausing functions of the curtain are normal, whether the opening and closing process is smooth, and whether the overall track is level, so as to ensure the overall appearance of the curtain.

3. Installation precautions

Finally, we summarize some precautions for installation

1. Before installation, you need to confirm the specific installation location and installation requirements with the user.

2. The track should be level as a whole and cannot be skewed, otherwise it will affect normal use.

3. The track fixing screws need to be fixed according to the hole positions, and there can be no omissions.