Introduction of Common Curtain Fabrics

Date: 2022-04-22 Categories: Industry News Hits: 578 From: Guangzhou Jiejia Decoration Materials Co., Ltd.

There are many kinds of popular curtain fabrics on the market, there is no way to say which one is better, they each have their own characteristics. When choosing curtains, you need to choose what you like and are suitable for, and what is suitable is the best.

Common curtain fabrics are as follows:

Polyester fabric

The advantages of polyester fabrics: affordable, not easy to shrink, easy to clean, good shading, wrinkle resistance and wear resistance.

Disadvantages: easy to pilling, the texture is relatively poor.


Flannel fabric

Advantages of flannel: soft to the touch, good drape, good sound insulation, durable and not easy to fade, and the texture is more high-end atmosphere.

Disadvantages: The fabric is heavy, and it is easy to get dust, which is not easy to clean.


Cotton and linen fabric

The advantages of cotton and linen fabrics: good air permeability, good heat resistance, natural effect, pastoral style, Nordic style, and other styles that pursue natural and comfortable styles are the first to recommend cotton and linen curtains.

Disadvantages: poor elasticity of the fabric, easy to shrink, easy to wrinkle after washing, poor color fastness, it is recommended to dry clean.


Linen fabric

Advantages of linen fabric: good light transmission, good heat dissipation, often used as window screens.

Disadvantages: poor elasticity, easy to shrink, easy to wrinkle, dry cleaning is recommended.



Silk fabric

Advantages of silk fabrics: good gloss, great texture, and comfortable hand feel.

Disadvantages: High price, difficult to take care of, easy to wrinkle, poor lightfastness, hand washing or dry cleaning is recommended.

Most of the silk fabrics on the market today are made of imitation silk, and the price is relatively cheap and not so squeamish and difficult to take care of.