Will the smell of curtains be harmful to the body? How to eliminate curtain odor?

Date: 2022-04-15 Categories: Industry News Hits: 575 From: Guangzhou Jiejia Decoration Materials Co., Ltd.

      The new curtains will have a peculiar smell to some extent, some have a big odor, some have a small odor, and the irritation is relatively obvious.


1. Natural fibers (cotton, hemp, silk, wool, etc.) will be added with resin to prevent shrinkage and wrinkling during processing. The resin contains formaldehyde, which makes the curtain have a pungent smell. It will also be dyed during production. Dyes and pigments used in printing and dyeing have odors, and there is also formaldehyde in adhesives, which will release odors.

2. Chemical fiber (rayon, polyester, acrylic, etc.) curtains are thickened to avoid light, anti-ultraviolet, and flame retardant. These require a coating on the fiber, and the chemical resin used for the coating has an odor. There are various volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde and tvoc, which are harmful to the human body.

How do curtains eliminate odors?

Ordinary Curtains:

Use warm water and salt to soak. If the odor is still very large after cleaning, find a professional in addition to formaldehyde, and the odor removal company professionally handles it.


Blackout Curtains:

Due to the addition of chemical coatings on the surface of inferior shading curtains, toxic gases will be volatilized when exposed to sunlight, and those toxic substances cannot be washed no matter how they are washed, so it is better to choose physical shading curtains when choosing shading curtains.


Velvet Curtains:

After dismantling, soak it in a neutral or alkaline special cleaner, lightly press to remove surface stains, and it will be as smooth as new after drying


Canvas Hemp Curtains:

Scrub with a sponge dipped in warm water or a mixture of soap or ammonia.


Flocked Fabric Curtains:

Do not rub or scrub in water, just wipe gently with a cotton tip dipped in a small amount of alcohol. If the flannel is too wet, do not twist too hard to prevent the fluff from falling off and affecting the beauty. Press out the moisture with your hands or let it dry naturally to keep the flock in its original state.