Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of electric curtains

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Now the intelligent home is in constant development,

Electric products are also constantly appearing in people's lives.

Electric curtains, directly by remote control, or by mobile phone,

You can open and close the curtains.

In appearance, it has the effect of ordinary curtains and has unique advantages.
Today, I will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of electric curtains.

Smart electric curtains are more convenient than ordinary curtains. They have the characteristics of convenience, simplicity and intelligence, and do not require manual switches, making people "lazy" and making the home more convenient. Whether it is smart electric curtains or manual curtains is better, it needs to consider many factors such as price, reserved socket location and curtain length, so these factors have limited the choice in the early stage.

                                                                Advantages of electric curtains
The function of smart electric curtains is essentially the same as that of ordinary curtains, with the functions of shading, privacy protection and decoration, but smart electric curtains control the curtains through technology, making it easier and more convenient to pull the curtains. So what are the advantages of smart electric curtains compared with ordinary curtains?

Advantage 1: There are many operation modes, and the user experience is good

In winter, the warmth of the quilt makes it difficult to extricate yourself. Whether it is time to get up and pull the curtains is a dilemma. The intelligent curtain system has a variety of control methods, such as electric, remote, remote control and so on. Users can control the opening, closing or raising and lowering of curtains with just one touch, and can also stop in the middle, providing more comfort and leisure experience.

For the large windows of villas or duplex rooms, the curtains have a large area and a high position, and it is very inconvenient to move the curtains. However, intelligent electric curtains can easily solve this "inconvenience".

Advantage 2: Increase the high-end atmosphere of the whole house

Intelligent electric curtains have now become the choice of window shades for many high-end hotels, high-end clubs, high-end conference halls, high-end villas, high-end apartments, buildings and other high-end buildings. A good horse with a good saddle! The grade and style of ordinary curtains can no longer meet the needs of these modern, fashionable and high-end places. Intelligent electric curtains are high-tech products born with the application of traditional curtains, and their beautiful temperament is in line with high-end places.

                                                              Advantage 3: Diversified control methods

Smart electric curtains have a variety of control methods. In addition to manual control by the remote control, they can also be remotely controlled by the owner's mobile APP, controlled by touching the switch button on the control panel, and linked to a smart speaker for voice control. Of course, it can also be activated by hand. , fully consider the various problems encountered in the use scene, and comprehensively solve it.
                                                                              Advantage 4: Noise reduction

Strong mute effect

The intelligent electric curtains use high-quality silent roller balls and gear belts during operation, and the sound produced by the friction between them achieves the lowest effect, so it is much less noisy than traditional curtains, basically bringing a perfect mute effect, no noise trouble .

Advantage 5: Smart settings

Meet the needs of a variety of intelligent scenarios

Smart electric curtains can be applied to a variety of one-touch scenarios such as wake-up scenes, audio-visual scenes, entertainment scenes, and going home or leaving home. For example, in the wake-up mode, the curtains will automatically open for you when you get up at the set time in the morning. In the movie viewing mode, the curtains will automatically close, and in the home mode, the curtains will automatically open.

                                                                        Advantage 6: Effective anti-theft

Smart electric curtains also have a function that cannot be ignored - anti-theft. If the user is away from home for a long time, they will be worried about being watched. Install smart electric window decorations. Even if the owner is away for a long time, the curtains can be opened and closed every day. , to create the illusion that someone is at home, to confuse and prevent criminals from coveting, if coupled with the daily switch on and off the lights, the anti-theft effect will be even better.

Advantage7: Easy to disassemble and wash

Electric curtains have a key lift function, which can be directly removed and washed by putting the curtains down.


But at the same time, electric curtains also have some disadvantages that need to be considered:

1. Expensive. Compared with traditional manual curtains, the price of electric curtains is definitely more expensive. After all, they are high-tech products, and the internal components of curtains are not cheap. The price of two ordinary curtains is not comparable to a pair of electric curtains. After-sales service should be considered.

2. The service life is limited. Electric curtains work with brushed DC motors or brushless DC motors, and the service life of both is between three and five years. Expensive and short-lived, its market share will decline.

3. Poor after-sales service technology. Electric curtains are high-end technology products. Once damaged due to some accident, the manufacturer cannot guarantee to repair the electric curtains immediately within 24 hours, which brings inconvenience to many people.

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