Sun room needs electric curtains

Date: 2022-03-24 Categories: Industry News Hits: 640 From: Guangzhou Jiejia Decoration Materials Co., Ltd.

      We all know that there are many kinds of sunroom curtains. In addition to considering its style, we should also pay attention to its practicability. The sunroom is different from the bedroom. Generally, the top curtain is designed on the top. At this time, an electric curtain has a strong appearance Very necessary. With the advancement of technology, electric curtains have appeared. Electric curtains not only have the advantages of beauty and sunshade of traditional curtains, but also have the characteristics of intelligence, convenience and easy operation. If you are interested in electric top curtains in the sunroom, then you may wish to follow the editor of the installation of a net to learn about the knowledge of electric curtains in the sunroom!


Sunroom electric sunshade curtain - classification

      From the installation points: built-in and external. The built-in type cannot see the motor, only the track; the external type has the motor exposed. From the operating mechanism and decorative effect, it is divided into the electric opening and closing curtain series, electric ceiling curtain, electric sunshade and other series, such as Venetian blinds, Roman blinds, soft yarn blinds, etc. In terms of form, it is divided into: electric opening and closing curtains, electric Venetian blinds, outdoor Venetian blinds, hollow Venetian blinds, etc. According to the installation environment and driver mode: FTS, FCS, FSS, etc.


Sunroom electric sunshade curtain - function

      1. Privacy protection: For families, different areas have different privacy standards. The living room is a public area with low privacy requirements. In the bedroom and bathroom, it is required that you can't even see the shadow. Choose a transparent fabric for the living room and thick fabric for the bedroom.

      2. Utilize light: Utilize light, refer to the effective use of light on the basis of protecting privacy. For example: a bedroom on the first floor, do not like people to see indoor behavior. Pulling the curtains for a long time will also affect the lighting. So the curtain came into being.

      3. Decorative wall: For ordinary families, the wall is a large decoration. Especially in simple clothes, in addition to the picture frame, only the curtains are left. Therefore, whether the curtains are beautiful or not plays a pivotal role. Likewise, for hardcover homes, beautiful curtains add beauty and character to the room.

      4. Sound absorption and noise reduction: the treble is transmitted in a straight line, and the glass window has a reflection effect on the treble. Therefore, thick curtains can improve the indoor sound. Similarly, it is beneficial to absorb the noise of the part and improve the sound environment.