If you want the curtains to be beautiful, these ten details must be kept in mind

Date: 2022-03-17 Categories: Industry News Hits: 428 From: Guangzhou Jiejia Decoration Materials Co., Ltd.

When some people choose to make curtains, they do not choose the one they like but are not suitable according to the actual situation of the room. In fact, after finding the style you like, you can effectively prevent making unsuitable curtains by comparing the following ten details.

01 The space above the window is small, choose dark track instead of Roman rod

In order to enlarge the windows in the current building, most of the walls above the windows are very narrow. When the height of the wall above the window is less than 15 cm, it is not recommended to choose a Roman rod-type track. First, the installation position is not enough, and second, the upper edge of the curtain is easy to expose light. The dark track can effectively solve these problems.

02 It is not recommended to be a curtain head if there is no open space on the top of the window

Many apartment types have open windows in the upper position, and there is not enough front and rear space to open the windows. If the curtain head is used, it is easy to fail to open the window. At this time, it is more practical to choose a delicate vertical curtain than a curtain head.

03 Floor height, choose curtains that have just passed the mouth instead of full walls

If the floor height is less than 2.3 meters, such a full-wall curtain will have a squat effect, making the whole wall crowded. Choose curtains that are in or just past the mouth to reduce pressure.

04 Not sure how many layers of curtains to leave 20 cm curtain box

The curtain box is made when the ceiling is made. Maybe you haven't decided how many layers of curtains you want at this time, so leave a curtain box with a width of 20 cm. To prevent the selection of 2 layers in the later stage or when there is no place to add a layer. Or the thick curtain is squeezed by the box body, and the shape is damaged and the effect is poor.

05 Bright pole installation for splicing or eversion without curtain head

Curtains with curtain heads are good-looking but don't force them due to installation conditions. Unless it is a three-layer open rod with a curtain headrail, it is not recommended to make a curtain head, and the effect is not as good as that of a dark rail. It is recommended to choose the eversion shape or splicing, like the curtain head that can be pulled, the effect is also very good.

06 For curtains that are often pulled, choose pleats instead of Roman circles

Curtains in the form of art circles have a good display effect, but they are much worse than pleated ones in terms of bearing capacity and durability, and they are not very smooth to pull. The problem. Pleated curtains have no such problem.

07 Choose shading wire instead of coating material for shading

In fact, the principle is very simple. The shading wire is a kind of fiber, and the coating is a chemical coating. Under the condition of sunlight heating and heating, the shading wire is still safe and environmentally friendly.

08 Respiratory sensitive category does not choose fluffy texture

This may be common sense that everyone knows, but when choosing curtains, you are attracted by the feel of fluff. Plush feels so soft and fluffy, and the fleece is more luxurious. It's just that health is more important, especially for infants and young children who are sensitive to the respiratory tract or skin, it is recommended to choose other materials.

09 For windows with strong sunlight, choose hemp yarn instead of glass yarn

The role of gauze curtains is to protect floor furniture, prevent sunburn of indoor items and protect privacy. Therefore, gauze curtains are consumables, and glass yarns are famous for their delicate yarns, but the weakness is also because they are often broken under strong light. Hemp yarn is thicker than yarn, although rougher but more durable.

10 Curtains have excess material that can be used as throw pillows

Curtain fabrics are generally woven by width, and it is inevitable that there will be some leftover materials during production. Most of the time the leftovers are too small to be useful. But if you catch up with the surplus material enough to make something, it is recommended to make a throw pillow or round pillow, put it on the bed or sofa to make the soft outfit more integrated, and it is also practical to lean on at ordinary times.