Curtains of different fabrics

Date: 2022-03-09 Categories: Industry News Hits: 682 From: Guangzhou Jiejia Decoration Materials Co., Ltd.

Curtains may appear to you as a pile of fabrics, but they are not. Just like our clothes, they are made of different materials. Each material has its own characteristics. Making full use of its characteristics can not only block light, but It can also improve the level of home decoration.

1. 【Polyester】 

Thick polyester curtains have good elasticity and wear resistance, and are not easy to shrink, tall and straight, not easy to wrinkle, and easy to fast. For the room at night, it needs its thickness to block the light outside, ensure sleep, and easy cleaning also solves the headaches of many people.

2.【Gauze curtain】

The living room is a space that needs a lot of light. The reason why there are large floor-to-ceiling windows is to ensure sufficient light in the living room. The selection of gauze curtains in the living room also fully illustrates this point. The gauze curtain has good air permeability and has a translucent effect. When the sunlight in the living room is too dazzling, you can use gauze curtains to block some of the light.

3.【Cotton and linen】

Curtains of the same color as the furniture or the same color as the wall below. The characteristics of cotton and linen are moisture absorption, heat resistance, and good hand feel. In places that receive more sunlight, drop the curtains to reduce the heat of the sun and keep the room or living room cool.

4.【Bamboo and wood】

Roller blinds made of natural bamboo and wood are hygroscopic, cool, and durable, and they are also shading. Installing them on the windows with strong sunlight in the living room can not only block strong sunlight but also make the style of home decoration unique.

5.【Wooden Venetian Blinds】

The wooden blinds in the children's room ensure the light of the room and the safety of children, so as to avoid the danger of children climbing the windows, and this kind of wood is also durable.


Flannel has a soft feel, strong drape, chemical reaction between dyes and fibers, and strong colorfastness. Therefore, it has the characteristics of durability, and it is very popular because of its high look and feel, but also because it is easy to get dust, and it is difficult to clean, the more people love it, the more resentful it is, but now there are velvet materials, which are very well made up for this shortcoming.