Choose your curtains according to the orientation of windows

Date: 2022-03-02 Categories: Industry News Hits: 712 From: Guangzhou Jiejia Decoration Materials Co., Ltd.

East window 

Enjoy the first rays of sunshine: vertical blinds, fabric curtains 

The light from the window of the east room always comes in with the rising sun in the morning, so it can quickly gather a lot of light, and the temperature quickly changes from cool at night to a higher temperature, and the heat energy also spreads quickly through the metal frame of the window. . So you can choose fabric curtains with a soft texture, they have a yarn-like texture and can harmonize the dazzling light through elegant tones.


South window 

Protection against a lot of UV rays: Day and night blinds 

The windows on the south side have plenty of light all year round and are the most important source of natural light in the room, which can give the room an elegant golden-yellow tone. However, warm natural light contains a lot of heat and UV rays, which can be superfluous in the hot summer. Therefore, day and night curtains are a good choice. During the day, unfold the upper curtain, which not only allows light to pass through, transforms the strong sunlight into soft light but also allows you to enjoy the scenery outside; when the lower curtain is pulled, the strong shading and strong privacy allow the owner to enjoy the scenery even during the day. You can enjoy the tranquility of the dark night and meet the light environment throughout the day. You can also consider the use of gauze curtains and blackout curtains.

West window 

Refuse the sun and protect furniture: Venetian blinds, organ blinds, pleated blinds, wooden blinds, fabric curtains

The sun will increase the temperature of the room, especially in hot summer, the windows should be closed or blocked frequently, so try to choose curtains that can diffuse the light source and block ultraviolet rays to protect the furniture. Venetian blinds, accordion blinds, pleated blinds, wooden blinds, and specially treated fabric blinds are all good choices.


North window 

Enjoy fresh and even light: Organ Curtains 

North-facing windows bring the freshest and most uniform light to the interior. If we want to save energy, we need to use curtains with good thermal insulation, such as organ curtains, in the north window. It is shaped like an accordion and is double-layered, which is convenient for heat insulation, free expansion, and contraction, and can be opened and closed freely.

      The thickness of the curtains has different functions in use. For example, thin curtains can turn strong sunlight into thin and soft, which not only block the hot sun but also keep the room bright and clean; while heavy crepe and velveteen curtains are more effective in preventing noise interference. The choice of curtain texture should neither be too thick nor too thin. It is necessary to choose curtains suitable for all seasons to increase their practicality. The current common practice is one layer of gauze curtains and one layer of cloth curtains so that they can be used according to different needs.