How to choose aluminum curtain rods?

Date: 2021-11-22 Categories: Industry News Hits: 265 From: Guangzhou Jiejia Decoration Materials Co., Ltd.

Curtain rod, which is the rod for installing curtains, professionally speaking, is called curtain rail, and its material is mainly metal and wood. Solid wood curtain rods, steel tube curtain rods, aluminum alloy curtain rods, and plastic steel curtain rods are the more common curtain rods on the market.

In daily life, aluminum alloy curtain rods are used more frequently. Compared with other materials, its highlight lies in its rigidity and softness, which can be bent greatly. However, if you want to choose a satisfactory aluminum alloy curtain rod, you have to carefully select it. It can be considered from the following five aspects.

1. Brand orientation: Brand is actually a kind of consciousness, no matter what kind of product they buy, consumers will tend to be more well-known brands. The quality, service, and user feedback of well-known brands will become subconscious decisions that people can trust.

2. Style and tone orientation: The eyes are the windows of the soul, and the curtains are like the eyes in the house. What they show is the lifestyle of the homeowner. In modern home life, the exposed pole is more and more popular with the audience because of its visible pole color and decorative head, which fits the modern trend of "light renovation and heavy decoration". When choosing a curtain rod, you need to consider the color of the window cover (preferably the color of the curtain rod and the window cover), the home design style and the hue, and the pursuit of aesthetic harmony.

3. Thickness of the rod wall: There are many aluminum alloy curtain rods in the market, their hardness is not high, and they can be bent greatly. When choosing, the thickness of the rod wall is mainly determined. The thickness of the rod wall is preferably between 1.0mm-1.3mm.

4. Look at the surface: the rod with a good surface treatment is smoother, and the metal texture is obvious. It can match with curtains of various colors.

5. Look at the pull ring: At present, recycled plastic pull ring is mainly used in the market, its manufacturing process is rough, and the recycled plastic is easy to age and break and is not wear-resistant. Although many aluminum alloy rods are equipped with silencer bars, the material of the silencer bars is mainly plastic, which is not durable. Special attention should be paid when selecting them.

In addition to the above five methods, you should also pay attention to whether the curtain rod is slotted. For aluminum alloy curtain rods that are not slotted, when the curtain is pulled, the friction between the pull ring and the track will increase the noise.

If you want to buy a satisfactory product, you need to think about it from all aspects. The smaller the thing, the more you can't ignore it. The Ejands brand has been adhering to the quality first since its establishment and has made curtain rods that are reassuring for long-term use. See more curtain rods: