Patendted Bracket Design Concept

Curtain product design, including curtain rod set,animal curtain rod finials,art deco curtain pole finials,removing vertical blinds,etc.

Some of our client told us it's very inconvenient and dangerous to fix the pole to the bracket, as the screw and L key is too small and they have to stand on a ladder to tight the screws.

 After tightening the screws, the pole was scratched, so it's easy to get rusty.

Normally one bracket only could be used for one sized curtain pole. The size is One bracket could used for poles with different diameters. 

To solve this problem and improve our user's experience, our design team spent lots of time in studying and changing the bracket structure.Finally we choose to locate plastic buckle to the bracket. With this change, our users no need to fix the pole with screws. Push the pole into the plastic buckle, then the pole is firmly fixed to the bracket, no harm to the pole.

We got the utility model patents for this bracket in 2014

After that, we have developed and changed the structure for several kind of brackets, Now these kinds of brackets are popular in many countries.