Tips for Cleaning Curtains

Cleaning curtains and windows is an indispensable part of year-end cleaning. The windows are clean, and the room windows are bright and clean. Use some clever tricks to help you easily complete the big cleaning of the windows at the end of the year! 

What's the common curtains material and their advantages?

Curtains are very decorative. Choosing a suitable curtain can make plain furniture dazzling, and it can also improve the grade and taste of home decoration. Therefore, the choice of curtains is the most important for decoration owners. 

A good partner for the sun room-honeycomb curtain

The hive is praised by architects as "the most perfect building in the world", a miracle of nature. Its unique honeycomb structure keeps the internal constant temperature by storing air in the hollow layer. The inspiration for the honeycomb curtain comes from this. Through the hollow honeycomb design, a barrier layer is formed, allowing the air to stay in the "peek hole", and natural heat, sound and keep warm. 

When the curtain meets the bay window

As a younger generation, many people like to have bay windows, because they are beautiful and immortal, and they can also satisfy our yearning for a better life. Lying on the bay window, reading, listening to music, and enjoying the sun, not to mention how comfortable it is. ! 

What are the types of curtains

Everyone knows that there are many different types of curtains, but don’t know the specifics. Today, I will take you to the Jiejia factory to get to know these different curtains: 

roman curtain rod

What is the price of Roman rods on the market?

It is divided into bright poles and dark poles. The decorative head and color of the poles can be seen on the bright poles. The dark poles are placed in the curtain box, which can't be seen. 

How to choose aluminum curtain rods?

Curtain rod, which is the rod for installing curtains, professionally speaking, is called curtain rail, and its material is mainly metal and wood. Solid wood curtain rods, steel tube curtain rods, aluminum alloy curtain rods, and plastic steel curtain rods are the more common curtain rods on the market. 

Installation height of curtain rod

The installation height of the curtain rod directly determines the overall height of the curtain. If the height of the curtain rod is not fixed, it will affect the visual effect of the entire space. Depression, spaciousness, generosity, narrowness, etc. are all reflected in the subtleties. How high is the installation? Refer to the joint decision from several aspects: 

New home decoration, how to choose curtain rods

The selection of curtains for a new house is a necessary part of the soft furnishings, we need to carefully select not only the color and material of the curtains but also for the curtain rods. The curtain rod needs to ensure beauty and safety. The following will share the knowledge of curtain rods.