Is sunscreen blinds tested before shipment?
Pre-shipment inspection (PSI) is one of the many quality control tests conducted by Guangzhou Jiejia Decoration Material Co., Ltd. This inspection is based on standard QC testing or on customer request. Based on these criteria and procedures, samples are randomly selected and defects are checked. For us, pre-shipment inspection is an important step in the quality control process and a way to check the quality of the sunscreen blinds before shipment.

Jiejia is a vertical venetian blinds brand that serves customers wholeheartedly. Jiejia blinds has created a number of successful series, and blackout vertical blind is one of them. Jiejia shangri la curtains is made from high grade material and is endowed with the latest features. It has been evaluated and certified for household safety and dependability. This product is meaningful in cutting down people's energy consumption from the perspective of the financial and environmental viewpoint. It is available with personalized features like a cassette valance or a decorative bottom hem.

It is widely admitted that Jiejia has been always sticking to the tenet of zebra shades. Check now!
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