Any engineers can help install vertical window blinds ?
You are expected to try to install vertical window blinds first. When there are big problems which cannot be solved themselves, we may send engineers. A team of experienced engineers has been established. They are always ready to solve problems. When the product is customized and the general instruction is not applicable, a specific manual may be provided. If the problem still cannot be solved, engineers may be sent. This is also decided by the distance and the work schedule.

Guangzhou Jiejia Decoration Material Co., Ltd has been in a leading position in the fierce industry competition. Jiejia blinds has created a number of successful series, and cellular window blinds is one of them. Only whoever uses the best raw materials for his products can also manufacture first-class privacy roller blind. It is eco-friendly and environmentally sound. It has good tensile strength and durability, which makes it be less vulnerable to ripping or tearing and withstand many times of washing. There is no warping, cracking, or splitting.

We hold the persisting view of zebra shades to guarantee the quality of the products. Call now!
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